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I am addicted to Pinterest. I realise that the rest of the world has been there and done that, but it is a whole new universe for me!

So much inspiration and information thanks to some wonderful tutorials. No matter how much I look and how many hundreds and thousands of quilts I see( or maybe it just feels like that many), I can still say that I rarely meet a quilt that I do not like. Maybe because quilts have so many dimensions to explore, there is always an interesting or redeeming feature even in the ugliest specimen. Maybe it is because even the ugliest is imbued with the spirit of its maker and has a story to tell.

Anyway, thanks to my meanderings through Pinterest I have no shortage of ideas for using these lovelies ….

Dutch Chintz – Marken in 7 colourways.


Available at : http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/motifsbyhand
Spoilt for choice!