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Ugly Duckling

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Remember this?  I have just completed the last and final clamshell!  And still I am not sure how I feel about this quilt.  I love the clamshells, and I love the strong bright colours … but so many colours with no order is challenging for me.

So, moving right along now to choosing whether to put on a border or not, and if yes, what border.  I would feel more comfortable with a strong solid colour which would anchor the whole quilt, but this fabric tweaked my interest when browsing my stash.  I have had it laid out on the floor for a few hours now to test drive it.  It reads pretty much as a solid from across the room, and the colour is replicated throughout the quilt body so it ties in very well.  Call it silly, but I like that the border fabric has large elegant swans in its design …. so incongruous on this ugly duckling quilt.

Can you see the swans?  I apologise for the lack of quality in the photographs.  And, yes, my husband has pointed out the the clamshells are upside down!  Maybe the next clamshell I make will be upside down like fish scales … in blue, green, aqua, turquoise, purple, lilac.  I will call it “Mermaid”.


I am doing a Kaffe Fasset workshop on using colours in a couple of weeks. Maybe I should wait until I have learnt some theory and have gleaned lots of hints from the colour maestro before making final choices??

I would very much appreciate any suggestions/advice/comments?

Hope you are all having a great week.