William Morris has a distinctive style.  British icons Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston have immediately recognisable styles.

And, in the same tradition, Norway has Tone Finnanger, creator of The Perfectly Imperfect World of Tilda.  

Tilda is a whimsical doll who comes in many garbs.  She is a cute and coy character, as are the other animals and dolls in her world. 



Other products in the Tilda range include fabrics, paper and many decorative accessories in distinctive delicate pastel colours and patterns.  They are loved and washed and faded and ever so soft and pretty.  Check out the range as it comes into the shop at:




I have never made a doll before.   I have never wanted to make a doll before.  But Tilda appealed.  And she was delightfully easy to put together.  The kit contained everything needed to make up the doll, even needle and thread!

I thought to give her to my granddaughter, but will keep her around for a little while longer.  I have already planned a twin sister for her  whom I shall call Mattie.  And I have decided that she needs her own little quilt … and maybe a couple of friends … and I have ideas for a matching bed quilt.

I am having such fun!  I am so glad I jumped in and tried something fresh and new.  The different colour palette is a refreshing change which is stimulating too.

I hope you are all enjoying your stitching too. 

Please let me know what you think of Tilda and the lovely Tilda fabric ranges.