Have you seen the newly released book by Carolyn Konig?  It is full of wonderful quilt patterns! Carolyn now joins the prestigious and growing list of many other Australian quilters who are recognised and respected worldwide …. Di Ford, Kathy Doughty, Michelle Yeo, Brigitte Giblin.

I have long been an admirer of Carolyn’s amazing work.  Her beautiful quilts demonstrate her infallible sense of colour, are often intricately detailed and are reminiscent of the very best quilt-making traditions.  Carolyn’s works mostly by hand … and does it beautifully! 

The book is titled “Creating Heirlooms One Stitch at a Time“. 




The book is published by Quiltmania who are renowned for the quality of their publications … always lots of lovely photographs including detailed snapshots and clear instructions and full sized patterns.

I know that I often find it difficult to buy books online.  I like to be able to flick through a book to see the quilts offered.  I am sure that others feel the same way so, to help my customers, I provide several photographs from the books I offer for sale.   See more images from Carolyn’s book, as well as many others in my webshop at:


I know that I will never complete all of the quilts and other projects that I are on my evergrowing list, but I do enjoy browsing through books and enjoying the ideas and inspiration they provide.

If only I could read while I stitch ….

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