I spent far too long trying to come up with a clever title for this post, using the word “hooker”. In the end I decided to spare you from any of the lame ideas and just get on with writing.  Have you ever considered hooking, rug hooking that is? I have long been drawn to the appearance of hooked rugs. And I just want to touch! Like quilts, there are patterns, styles, colours and techniques to suit all tastes.

Several years ago, while visiting the US, I arranged to have a couple of classes. I expected that it would give me a bit of an introduction and that I would come away tantalised and wanting more.  But, this is the thing … Rug hooking is so easy!  Put the hook into the hole, scoop up the fabric (usually wool) strip and pull it through to the top.  The trick is to get all of your loops on top to be an even height and this is not difficult.  I very quickly settled into a rhythm and was hooking and talking and looking around!

Have you ever considered giving it a try?  Just take a look on Pinterest to see the scope of what can be done with this simple craft.

With winter coming on here in Australia, I am looking forward to getting the hook and hoop out and making some more cushions and then tackling a bigger project like a floor rug.  And it looks like I will be in good company, there a several newly released books on rug hooking, including a terrific guide from Polly Minick.  Polly and her sister (Minick and Simpson) have a distinctive fresh take on a retro look and often present hooked rugs with matching quilts.  I like the look of quilts with the rugs.





So, do yourself a favour and try doing a Google search on rug hooking.  You will find some very good instructions for beginners with great pictures, as well as lots of inspiration to tempt you to try hooking.  I am noticing the steady growth in interest in this traditional craftand wonder how far it will go.

For Australian rug hookers:;



I am awaiting the imminent arrival of a selection of kits which are designed (and priced) with beginners in mind so, if your appetite has been whetted,  please keep an eye on the shops:



Thank you for visiting.  I very much appreciate your interest and encouragement.

Happy hooking!