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Life does get in the way sometimes.  I have so many ideas, so many plans buzzing around my mind but so many other things seems to prevent them coming to fruition.  Thank heavens it is all good stuff so my frustration is tempered and without regret.

Take this morning for example …. I had the best of intentions for a productive day of chores interspersed with some stitching and playing with fabrics in my workroom.  What happened?  A luxurious sleep-in and a delightful two-hour Facetime chat with my three grandchildren, daughter and favourite son-in-law (my only one but he likes the chuck-up!) took me through to lunch. But I have been industrious this afternoon and have checked a few tasks off the list, including one biggie that I have been putting off.

I am going to give you a glimpse of the new pattern I am working on at the moment.  This is what I wanted to spend more time doing:

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain


English paper piecing over thimbles and squares to make rings.  Aren’t the Tilda fabrics so soft and pretty.  They are very gentle and mellow palette that make me smile as I sit and stitch.  I am also smiling because this is coming together very quickly so I am seeing the pattern of interlocking rings come together in just a few hours of work.  I have actually moved on and have just about completed the rings and am pulling together my ideas for the applique centre.

These delicate colours are a contrast to my current rug hooking project.  I decided to try using monk’s cloth for this one and have to admit that I am finding it less enjoyable than using linen as the ground fabric.  However, my grandson and I are having fun with this design … I will leave it to you to identify his contribution! Now tell me, do you see two dinosaurs? Silly me, I thought I was hooking up two crows!!

Silly Nonna thinks these are crows!

Silly Nonna thinks these are crows!

A variety of new things in the shops:

Dutch Heritage by Petra Prins

Dutch Heritage by Petra Prins

Dutch Heritage by Petra Prins

Dutch Heritage by Petra Prins



And lots of MODA additions.  Jelly rolls, layer cakes and fat quarter bundle have been very popular.  Yardage is on it’s way:

Atelier Community Grant Park Heart's Content Mill Book Series 1852 Rue Indienne

And, of course, the range of TILDA fabrics is growing all the time.

Please visit the shops:



Thank you for visiting.  I hope all your stuff has been good stuff … no regrets!

Take care.