I solemnly promise that I will never again finish a quilt top and not also complete the backing and binding.

I really do! Seriously …..

I have just spent two whole days rummaging / selecting / measuring / cussing / considering / cutting / sewing / hemming and hawing / etc.

I have sixteen … yes 16! six + ten … quilt tops which I have decided need to be sent off to a professional machine quilter for finishing. Oh, I did have high-falluting plans to quilt myself. In the beginning, I even intended hand quilting all of my quilts but, quickly, reality set in. There is just too, too much yumdiferous fabric, too many wonderful quilt patterns, too many ideas swirling around in my head.

So, let’s take charge. As my husband keeps reminding me…I can have anything I want, I just cannot have everything. Some quilts I really want to hand quilt. I want to make just so many, many quilts designs. Some I just want finished! So, I have sorted through my pile and selected three that I want to handquilt. Maybe one will be utility quilted; this is such good fun and so gratifying. Claytons quilting to the purists, but it is all about making lovely even stitches to add texture to the quilt isn’t it?

That leaves thirteen quilts for the machine quilter. Oh dear, this is going to be very expensive! Some of these quilts I do not love. But they all have some redeeming features. They all deserve to be finished and used and snuggled with.

Such a lot of fabric is used in the backing. This is a whole other area of creative opportunity, with more freedom that the quilt top. I enjoyed the sort of off-the-wall approach and pieced and patched to make up the acreage required. I have to admit that there are one or two quilts that, I suspect, will have backings that I have a special fondness for.

I am sorry that I did not take any photographs of this long, untidy and gut wrenching process. I promise to give you a gallery of completed quilts in the not too distant future though. For your viewing pleasure, I do offer the following eye candy:

CPF - Ziggy 1056 03 CPF - Ziggy 1056 02 CPF - Ziggy 1056 01 CPF - Bubble 1057-02

CPF - Bubble 1057-01  CPF - Bubble 1057-03  Rue Indienne Mill Book Series 1852 Heart's Content