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Again … it’s been a long time between posts. I do think about posting a lot, but just run out of time.  Life gets in the way – lots of work, lots of family, a bit of entertaining and socialising, a bit of helping out here and there, a couple of mini trips away from home ….

Have you ever heard about the Beating Around the Bush Convention?

It is a wonderful week of needlework heaven, held in Adelaide every second year, and organised by the girls from Country Bumpkin … yes, the same group of people who bring us the wonderful Inspirations magazine and the A-Z guides.  I went to my first convention in 2012. I booked in for just two days of classes, but by midday on day one I was in a queue to book for any classes that were still available for the rest of the week! Amazing teachers, beautiful designs and a very large group of fellow students who were just all having the best time ever! Heaven!

I did some familiar work – lovely counted thread/sampler work etuis with Betsy Ross – and then moved on to some new techniques – learning some Turkish ethnic stitches with Alison Snepp and a little crewel with Hazel Blomkampf.

My daughter and I watched and waited for the catalogue for BATB 2014, and were ready to pounce on the booking website when it opened to be sure to get our first choices…to be honest, choices two and three would have been just as good. Take a look at the class selections:


This year I did classes with Deborah Love (Schwalm whitework), Hazel Blomkampf (crewel using silks and beads) and Margaret Light (a beautiful whitework stomacher) … and had every bit as much fun and enjoyed every class!  Check out the following link for more reflections on BATB 2014.


So, make a note to keep an eye out for the next Beating Around the Bush Convention. I congratulate the organisers for convening some of the world’s experts who also happen to be the best teachers I have experienced and just the nicest people …. and some of them the “funnest” ladies!! The venue cannot be faulted … spacious and light, with generous common areas and excellent, generous catering.

I would love to be able to show off my work … but my camera is not here and I have not downloaded my photos.  What a very bad blog-host I am!!

Here is some eye candy from the shop – www.motifbyhand.com

M13680 18 M1368312 Rue Indienne - Romani Bleu Rue Indienne 3Retro Orchard - FQ 1 September Blue FQ 6FlyAwayPER-39-0480 - Sampler 1749PER-21168 - Sampler 1852 - 2 TG 450 - Amsterdam TG 480 - Sydney

SO, hope to see you at BATB 2016 … I will be the one sitting in a corner stitching madly to complete my projects from 2014!!

I appreciate your time. Take care!