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Welcome to 2015!

I am a bit disoriented this year and have not even thought about resolutions and plans … just do more of what is important to me and my loved ones, do it better and remember to enjoy the journey. So far so good.

My elder daughter broke her leg and ankle (on the very first day of my holiday trip!!) and must keep completely off it for three months. So I am settling into a new routine caring for her. I have to admit to a couple of instances of neglect when I have been so immersed in stitching that I have missed mealtimes!!

I have made a good start on my Marquise Quilt Kit using Moonshine by Tula Pink.

I must say that the kit is a joy. All fabric hexagons are already cut and in little labelled baggies so I could jump right in and start glueing and sewing. A perfect holiday project!

Marquise Kit - Start

I have just about done all the top row of grey and cream and the first row of coloured motifs will start to put it together this evening. It is so much fun playing with these pieces of colour and seeing them all come together … ooooh!

And, more gorgeous colour to play with …

Iznik Collection by Snow Leopard, a new designer in the Free Spirit stable. Snow Leopard Designs is a design studio based in London that specializes in producing beautiful fabric collections inspired by exotic cultures from far away lands and distant mountains and valleys.



The Iznik Collection is inspired by the decorative pottery and tiles that were produced in the town of Iznik in Anatolia, Turkey, between the 15th and 17th century. Iznik pottery is known throughout the world for its vivid cobalt and turquoise blue glazes and simple swirling patterns inspired by natural forms. The pottery was originally inspired by the Chinese blue and white Ming dynasty porcelain that was being brought along the Silk Road during the 15th century and had such a profound influence on the Ottoman court at that time.

Snow Leopard 2 Snow Leopard 3 Snow Leopard 4 Snow Leopard

The collection itself has been developed from a select group of glazed tiles and plates. As well as simple floral and geometric motifs, it includes such elements as the tree of life. This new collection from Snow Leopard continues to give a contemporary form to these great artistic traditions from the past, while allowing them to be enjoyed in our homes today.

I can hardly wait to get the cotton sateen range in store.  The range is very similar but different designs.

The quilt shown in the picture above is made from a free pattern on the Free Spirit website:    http://freespiritfabric.com/graphic-elements/gallerys/t617_1.pdf

I used some of these fabrics to whip up a couple of pairs of pyjama pants which I teamed with singlet tops for my girls for Christmas. Now they want matching wraps! And I am going to make a tunic top or two for myself as these colours will look great with white pants and jeans. And there are definitely a couple of quilt ideas buzzing around in my head.

The other colourful delight in store is Regent Street Lawns.



I am so excited about this fabric … it is lawn and it looks and feels just like a Liberty!! I couldn’t wait to get started.

Regent St Quilt - 1 Regent St Quilt - 2

Here’s wishing you lots of colour in 2015. Thank you for dropping by.